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Decided to rant about what kind of experience I had with Mattress Warehouse. Hopefully this post will get some people to think twice before purchasing anything from them.

So Brian and I decided we want a Tempurpedic bed. Pricey, yes, but I figure 20 year warranty, get a king size so Candi can sleep with us, it’d be worth it. We go on a Sunday and pick out a great bed. We check out this Posturpedic. It feels great. It shapes to our bodies. We basically fall asleep. We strike a deal to get it. After some discussion, we get the guy to knock off 20% and free delivery. Great! We also discuss who needs to take off.

The next day I put in a request for leave, take a half day Wednesday, destress, have the bed delivered. Fabulous.

Tuesday night comes around, the guy calls and says they don’t have the bed. WTF? We ordered it! They don’t have it. How is that possible? Ugh, fine. The guy wants us to come down to check out another bed so we go. None of them feel the same. Bait and switch. We had none of it. We decided to give them the rest of the week to come up with the bed.

Next day I go to work as normal. The guy said we should expect a call Wednesday with an update. Okay… No call.

Thursday comes around and I’m pretty mad that they didn’t give us the decency of a call to update us on what’s going on. By this time, we’ve had it. We just want our money back. The guy said he’ll give us our money back but it’ll take a few days to transfer it. We should HAVE IT by Saturday. Okay.

We check our accounts Sunday night. Yes, it has been a week since we PURCHASED the mattress. Nothing.

Monday comes around, nothing is in our accounts. Brian said he actually got a call from them saying they need us to come in so they can swipe our cards to give us our refund. Uh, does that sound strange to you? I questioned it, highly, but we go anyway. He gives us a piece of paper with some more bait and switch mattresses on it. We want none of it from this company. He swipes our cards, prints out the little thing we need to sign (it was done in three transactions, two for me and one for Bri). The peice of paper has our credit card numbers on it! I thought that was illegal! Whatever, we sign them anyway. Then the guy wants us to sign that we GOT a refund. Uh, we’re not sure, it probably posted, but we’re not trusting this place anymore. Brian writes “refuse to sign” on it.

Today, Tuesday, we are lucky we DIDN’T sign it. Mattress Warehouse STILL hasn’t posted our refund. It’ll be 24 hours since we went back for the forth time. I’m sure some can say it might take some time, that’s BS cause our banks post right away! The second I deposit anything, I see it. I can’t access it, but I can see it.

We’ve contacted the BBB and Montgomery County consumer protection. Hopefuly they’ll fine them or do something. This should NOT be allowed to happen. So I end this blog with don’t shop at Mattress Warehouse.

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  1. If you didn’t go till Monday night, I wouldn’t expect anything to have changed on your bank account on Tuesday. It takes a couple days for anything to go through, which is stupid but that’s how it goes… And I’m not sure the BBB or consumer protection can do anything about that. At best, they can reprimand them for not having the item in stock when they said they would.

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