Good To Be Out Of The Loop

Reading reviews and blogs and what not about the other nights democratic debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s good to be out of the political loop.

I hope this debate highlights a little more how stupid, ignorant, and undemocratic the media truly is. The media is a joke in this country and that last debate proved it (as if it WASN’T proven before in the countless bias debates held in this country). Why can’t people see this is a joke? They tell us what to believe. Look at each candidates time in these debates. It’s ridiculous. How are we supposed to get to know a candidate if they don’t get any TIME?

And the last debate, more questions were asked about Clinton and Obama’s CHARACTER versus questions about substance and adequacy for the most important job in the world. Isn’t that what they’re interviewing for? Why aren’t they asking the tough questions about policy and views of importance? With the economy being this shitty, gas prices soaring, and the war in Iraq with no end in sight, they choose questions that are of no importance.

And I love how Hillary is being hypocritical, yet again. She previously said how the questions were (tear) too hard. Now she’s complaining that Obama said something about the questions being too hard (which that’s not what he said anyway, more media spin there). Amazing how a few months ago she was the one complaining about the difficult “gotcha” questions. Another adventure of Hypocritical Hillary.

So I’m out until the Democrats choose a nominee. Of course I still pay attention to the headlines. Everyday there’s more and more reason to protest and want change and to hate the war and hate the direction this country is going; how one in five veterans from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars have a mental disorder. We really take care of our troops in this country. Everyday I become more shocked and suprised there’s not riots in the streets of every city; how there’s not massive mobs of people taking on the White House. What’s wrong with us? Why do we put up with the media, the lies, our distrustful politicians who we keep electing? What happened to the protests and protest songs of the 70’s that got motivation?

I’ll end by saying will we get fooled again? I WON’T get fooled again!

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  1. We put up with it because people who are otherwise passionate about it decide to detach and hide from it instead of wading through it and making a whole lot of noise in the process… I feel like if you care about something you care about it even more when the media is picking and choosing what they report on. You MAKE them see.

    But hey, if you feel better just not paying attention to it and not getting involved, far be it from any of those that are involved to stop you.

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