Verizon FiOS Destruction

That Comcast commercial is completely true. FiOS really does do a lot of destruction when installing their crappy service. I blogged about this when I got FiOS installed.

A bunch of friends and I were up for a movie the other weekend but FiOS OnDemand was down. This was at like 11:00 PM on a Saturday night. Like prime time for watching a movie. We called them up and they said they were doing maintenance… on a Saturday night. FAIL.

Our HD box has also been finiky. It’s pretty slow. You have to be very delicate when choosing menu options. For instance, I can’t go down to Recently Viewed stuff or else it will freeze. If I want to see something I stopped earlier, I have to navigate back to where I found it. FAIL.

Anyway, the main reason I’m blogging is because FiOS totally screws up the streets. I saw their van a few months ago installing their crappy service on Broadwood Drive in Rockville (a street that I commute on). They had to navigate traffic around their crappy little cones in order to drill the street to lay their crappy wiring. I should have called then but I thought they’d actually clean up their mess.

When I take my scooter on this road, there are bumps everywhere and uneven pavement. There’s even a place really bad where I have to completely slow down. It’s like a reverse speed bump. The scooter doesn’t like it. Neither does the Camaro.

So I finally thought about calling them the other day. I thought they were going to hang up on me but surprisingly, they created a ticket for it. I had to give them all my Verizon account information. Not sure why they needed that but whatever.

They called me back the next day and basically said it wasn’t their problem. The city of Rockville had to fix it even though they were the ones who installed it! My tax dollars going to another greedy corporation for stuff that THEY’RE responsible for fixing. It’s like the oil rig explosion in the golf… except this is 2,398,438 times worse… just kidding.

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  1. Don’t you praise comcast…we pay for digital cable but they tell us it’s unavailable up here. But some how we are able to order pay per view items through the damn remote…our internet rarely works, especially when raining. Comcast = epic fail.

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